Resolution Request

Dear Core Members,
We are planning to introduce a new feature for Core Members only called "Resolutions". In its simplest form, a resolution is an agreement and binding by core(including board) on a particular topic. Here is the fun part, these "Resolutions" can be requested by any core team member and voted by the core team at our core meetings(another reason to attend core meetings). 
Examples of resolutions
1. we should have a 5 minute meditation during our thursday spiritual session
2. we should go for a recreation fun trip every 6 months
3. We should have a free form of bhajan session free from any interference.
Now you have an idea, lets find out how it works.
1. You will be presented with a simple form  to record your "Resolution Request"
2. A Team will go through requests and sort them based on priority.
3. During core meeting there will be vote hour just to vote on these resolutions.
4. Resolution will be read out clearly with no names announced, Votes will be recorded by a secret vote.
We will announce the results shortly and the resolution effective date will be announced via email or after the meeting. Here is the link to the request form.
Please read and understand below points
1. Your spouse vote can be recorded only if they participated and attended in more than one core meeting in the past.
2. Only Core Team members part of Core Team Whatsapp group can participate in the vote.
3. You should be physically present during the meeting to vote unless the core meeting is conducted over the phone.
4. Any vote option deviating from the options provided during the vote is considered void.
5. Minimum of 60% of vote is required for any resolution to pass, anything less than that is considered rejected.
6. A resolution can be reintroduced only after certain core meetings and if the majority of core members feel so.
7. Resolutions that passed the vote will be copied in to separate addendum under bylaws.
8. Revision of an existing Resolution can be brought in as a resolution change request.
9. There is no limit to number of resolutions you can request but keep in mind everyones time is valuable and there is no guarantee on the order and volume of your requests will be processed in the same meeting.
Thanks & Regards